Your Family Will Be Grateful For Getting This Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted

Your Family Will Be Grateful For Getting This Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted

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Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted

A wall mounted electric fireplace can create a warm atmosphere and also be an attractive focal point for the room. It adds a decorative touch to the room without making it too hot.

Before installing, make sure to check the dimensions of the fireplace as well as the front glass panel. Make sure that it is away from fire-prone materials and follow the guidelines for installation.


Addition of a wall-mounted electric fireplace to your home will enhance its appearance in a subtle way. Unlike traditional models that require a chimney and vent pipes, this type of wall-mounted electric fireplace has no obvious openings in the walls or vents. This makes them less prone to causing damage or attract insects. In addition, they are less expensive to buy and install than electric fireplaces with built-in electrical components.

The sleek look of the electric wall mount fireplace will fit in with most home decors. The frame is available in black or stainless steel. It can even be paired with a flat-screen TV to create a media wall. Some models come with dual heat settings and adjustable flame settings to enjoy all year round.

If you want a bolder style, you can opt for an electric fireplace that has an elongated design. These fireplaces are easy to install since they're a plug-in unit that does not require any hardwiring. They are also safe for pets and children because they don't emit heat or smoke.

A three-sided electric fire with LED backlighting is a different alternative. It gives the appearance of the real thing. This type of fireplace is more flexible than other kinds of electric fireplaces, since you can use it as a feature of decor in any room. However, you should make sure that the electrical cord of the fireplace is far away from any objects that could ignite.

You can select a model that features mirror fronts to give a glamorous look to your home. The wide frame and mirror surface give the fireplace a bolder appearance. Some of these fireplaces also have remote controls and an alarm clock for added convenience.

The wall-mounted electric fireplace can be used to heat a medium-sized room. It's low-profile, so you can save space. The mirrored glass makes it easy to view your electronic devices, like flat-screen TVs. You can choose a model with an integrated fan to increase the airflow around the unit. This will help keep your space cool and comfortable as well as reduce the accumulation of dust.

Heats a Medium-Sized Room

Many homeowners opt to put in an electric fireplace on their wall as it's a safer alternative to gas or wood fires. These modern models can be easily operated, do not require venting, and can be recessed or hung to create a appearance. They also have a variety of heat and flame color options. Some models even include a remote control.

There is a model to suit your budget and space from an array of styles, finishes and sizes. Some models feature an expansive frame and large footprint, which is perfect for mantels already in place. Other models are elongated, narrower models that can be placed under a TV wall mounting or floating shelf.

Some models are completely recessed into the walls for an impressive architectural feature, while others protrude from the wall to provide an attractive touch. The latter is a good alternative for those who live in townhomes or condos where it is not possible to have a fireplace that is wood-burning or gas-powered.

Electric fireplaces without a vent can be mounted on the wall, or inset into 2x4 stud walls. This makes them an ideal option for remodeled rooms, new construction and remodels in multifamily homes. They are simple to put up and can be installed on your own with no tools. They also provide a great method to add a warm light to any space without the hassle of installing a traditional wood or gas fireplace.

Before you begin, it is important to read the installation instructions for your fireplace. They might differ from the instructions we provide but they will assist you to follow the right steps to ensure a safe and effective installation. Make sure that the wall can support the weight of the fireplace. It is essential to have at minimum two studs and drywall anchors on your wall. You should also check that you have a three-spot outlet well within reach of the fireplace's cord.

When considering where to install your wall-mounted electric fireplace, it is important to remember that these fireplaces can be installed in any room as that the space is not outdoors and not exposed to water or moisture. It is also a good idea to not place these units near anything flammable, such as drapes or curtains.

Easy to Install

Consider installing a wall-mounted electric fireplace if you are looking for an easy and quick project. You can pick from a variety of styles and sizes, so that you can find the perfect unit to match your decor. Plus, they are secure and easy to maintain.

Remove the fireplace from the packaging and test it before you begin the installation process. Test the settings and connect it to see how it appears. Once you're confident the fireplace is functioning correctly take it out of its packaging and place it in a secure location until you're ready to mount it on the wall.

To install the fireplace, first measure the dimensions of the opening in your wall and mark them with a pencil. If needed you need to build the space or install frames to house the fireplace. Once the frame has been constructed, drywall electric wall mounted fireplaces the wall and apply tape and mud if required. Once the drywall is dry it is possible to attach the fireplace to the brackets. If your fireplace has slots on its back you can connect them to the appropriate mounting brackets.

If you want, you can add media to the fireplace after installation, such as stones, logs or embers. After that, turn on the fireplace to enjoy the ambience. Some models even have a choice of flame brightness settings, which you can adjust to suit your mood.

Contrary to traditional wood-burning fireplaces wall-mounted electric fireplaces don't require vents that makes them safer and more convenient to use. They also don't emit smoke or fumes which can improve indoor air quality. Certain models come with LED lights that can be adjusted for different effects, depending on the model you select.


A wall-mounted electric fireplace is an attractive choice for heating a room without causing a large amount of heat accumulation. This type of fireplace works by drawing in cool air from the room, and heating it with an electric heating coil. Then, it pushes it out by means of the fan. This creates a draft that is safe for pets as well as small children. The front of the fireplace also is directly against the wall for an aesthetic that is modern and looks great in any space.

This type of fireplace can also be used after the heater is turned off. You can enjoy the ambiance and the flames, whether or not there is heating, to unwind after a long and tiring day. They are extremely affordable and are a great source of supplemental heat for your bedroom or living area. The average cost for operating one of these units with the heater on is only 3 cents per hour and 8-12 cents for an hour when the flames run.

The best electric fireplaces that are wall-mounted have an remote control that has various features to adjust the temperature and flame settings depending on the requirements. Many of these models have an LCD display that displays the current settings. Some fireplaces aren't able to be installed in a wall. Check the details of each unit to see what you can do with it.

When choosing between a wall-mounted or recessed electric fireplace, you will have to consider the style and design of your room. A recessed fireplace is suitable for any room, but it's not as versatile as the wall-mounted model.

A wall-mounted fireplace can either be mounted on the wall's surface or recessing into it. It is much easier to install than a recessed fireplace because it doesn't require cutting into the studs or reinforcing the wall. However, it does still require an electrical outlet nearby to plug in the fireplace.

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